About us

Who is behind Flip7 ?

Flip7 is a small company founded by Bastien Allibert, a french guy in Berlin. After a few years working in the customization industry. He thought it was time to get his hands dirty and start his own show.  

How did the idea come ?

4 years ago, Bastien stumbled upon 15-years-old footage of family holidays in Greece. Everything was magical; that old VHS texture, the cool 90’s style, the cute faces and the good times. It made such a big impression him that he decided to use this footage for a special Christmas season. He digitized the footage and hand-crafted flipbooks the old fashioned way. Cut the video. Reduce the frame-rate. Print frames. Assemble. Put a cover. Needless to say that the presents were a great success. At that time, Bastien had a cool job and thought no further. Later however, with the invigorated popularity of GIFs for memes and the explosion of Vines as well as that nostalgic trend for analog things, he thought there might something fun to do there and went pro. Several months later : Flip7 blessed the earth of its existence.